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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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low clouds that fog is saying i'm back and back in a big way. yesterday it was there but it was very shallow and only confined to the coast. still 60s, 70s, and 80s and now some low 90s. temperatures will start coming down. here is sal. traffic is moving along nicely at the coliseum here. you can see traffic is looking pretty good coming up past the oakland coliseum and heading north or south. also this morning we are looking at san francisco. there it is northbound 101 moving well past the ups building all the way up to the downtown area. let's go back to the desk. the search continues for seven missing fisherman while incredible stories of survival are emerging. tara moriarty is joining us in the newsroom with the details of the amazing survival stories. >> reporter: some survey veries drank melted ice and ate hierarchy kisses to -- hershey kisses to stay alive. many passengers and crew
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members were in the water for 16 hours before they were rescued or reached land. some of the 35 crew members and passengers who made it were able to grab life jackets but u.s. coast guard and mexican navy are still looking for the seven u.s. tourists that have not been found. search teams are expected to dive down to the boat to see if they got caught on board. now we recently spoke to may lee wife of fisherman donald lee who is clinging to hope her husband will be found alive. he just put his daughters through college and excited to take a vacation. >> it was more about the camaraderie and being with his friends. all yearlong he would look forward to this. >> reporter: lee shared with us this video of a similar fishing trip her husband organized last year. this was the third time he took
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the trip aboard. now lee is in a group photo right here on the far right hand side. it was taken shortly before they got on board. the dive teams will be looking for the survivors passports and keys. many passengers drove down from the bay area and unable to get home now. coming up in our next half hour we will tell you why the coast guard is hopeful they will find more survivors. live in the newsroom i'm tara moriarty. last night the richmond city council gave its approval if a city-wide id card program. christian katherine joins us now. >> reporter: it's a plan that sparked a lot of public comment here at richmond city hall. as you said that plan approved last night. the new plan would allow anyone that has lived in richmond for two weeks that is 15 days to qualify for an id card. supporters say it will allow
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immigrants to set up bank accounts. they say it would help them cooperate with police. it would encourage undocumented immigrants to settle in richmond and could give police license to demand to see identification from natural born citizens. the city will be working with a third party vendor to distribute the picture ids. the city also shot down a very similar plan to this one back in 2008. the idea obviously still has a lot of critics here in richmond. san francisco police searching for a woman who threw bleach in the face of another woman and hit her with a body. the attack happen in the pi tear owe hill neighborhood at 10:00 monday night. the suspect a woman in her 40s driving a white four-door
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accra. the motive is not clear yet. the victim is expected to survive. glance a man's body was discovered in a restroom. someone walking by noticed the body inside the billing at monument boulevard yesterday afternoon. no word on the man's identity or how he died. neighbors tell us that homeless people do often seek shell never empty buildings in the area. time now 5:04 a sonoma state university student is said to enter a plea in a texting while driving crash. hitting and killing a two-year- old girl and severely injuring the child's mother last december. she is charged with demeanor vehicle manslaughter. she faces a year in jail if convicted. a suspected rapist that was
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video taped by his alleged victim is set to enter a plea in court today. what you are looking at is a cell phone video of dion mcdaniel just before he sexually assaulted a woman. mcdaniel was arrested a week later. they found him hiding inside of a dog house in oakland. he has 11 previous felony convictions. reactions are pouring in over the not guilty verdict in the murder trial of casey anthony. this is video from outside of the orlando home of casey anthony's parents. when the verdict was announced yesterday afternoon the neighborhood surround the house. outside the courtroom, there was an emotional outburst as that verdict was read. >> i don't know if they are watch the same thing we were.
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it's just shocking. >> i can't believe it. i don't know why i'm this emotional i have no attachment to them at all. >> at his office in michigan spets says he was not surprised by the not guilty decision and talked about his role in the trial. >> i didn't help them get away with murder. i pointed out the science as far as the quality of the autopsy is concerned. as far as what the autopsy could have and could not produce. >> casey anthony was found guilty on four counts of providing false information to police. she will be sentenced on those counts tomorrow. legal analysts predict she will go free tomorrow after being credited for the three years she has already served. time now 5:06. house republicans will introduce a bill to cut funding for highway and mass transit by almost a third. coming up we will have a live
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report from washington, d.c. newsroom for what that could mean for transportation projects in the bay area. president obama invited congressional leaders of both parties to come to the white house tomorrow to continue the negotiations on raising the nation's debt limit. the president wants a long-term deal rather than a make-shift short-term solution to prevent a u.s. default on the august 2nd deadline. republicans in the senate refuse to consider a resolution giving president obama authority to continue u.s. military action in libya. the resolution would have authorized u.s. military operations in libya for up to a year. but senate republicans say they came back to focus on debt and budget issues. they say the libya measure is not the priority right now. time now 5:07 at 11:00 this morning president obama will host a twitter town hall at the white house. now anybody can tweet questions about jobs and the economy.
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the president will not type his answers with twitters 140 character limit. instead he will answer the questions verbally. in front of a live audience. and twitters cofounder jack dorsey will moderate the event. >> you will still get tweets though. someone will paraphrase them. >> very good knowledge, pam. just to think a year ago you were not on twitter. >> i know. now i'm a tweeter. >> most of us are on twitter. you can go to the ktvu home page and find us on the home page. let's take a look at commute. a little bit of fog we are showing you this dramatic shot. okay not that dramatic. you can see the cars coming in and out of the fog as you head out to the mccarthur maze. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge teleplay traffic is -- toll plaza traffic is light. san jose is still off to a nice
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start. barring anything major right now it's a good time to be on the road. >> was that your broadcaster voice there, sal? >> yes, it was steve. fog is definitely moving in. it's mainly on the coast. some of it is very thick it's no doubt expanding up the coast. there is a little bit of stronger serge on it. for those inland it's not a factor yet. he has 52-68. some of the higher elevations are extremely warm. 58-82. fog, sun, breezy. on the temperatures you take a force forecast model and go with it. there was a ten degree spread in every area. i'm splitting the difference today. one will be right and usually in the cases you just blend them. that is what we are doing. there is a lot more fog there today. still shallow. not making too much of a serge
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inland. higher clouds coming top the tropical moist -- coming up to the tropical moisture. 68 livermore to 52 san francisco. 55 napa. 62 mountain view. 63 san jose. a west, southwest 16 that has doubled that was in fairfield yesterday. west, northwest sfo. oakland airport says clear. know leo clouds are moving in over downtown. high pressure is holding on for one more day. that system is on its way. that will move into the pacific northwest. inland it will take awhile before the low settles in. low clouds cool to warm. sol fog. it's an on shore breeze. cool to many. 80s to leo mid 90s now. even with the 90s there will be
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an afternoon sea breeze today as everything is beginning to set up in that direction. more fog cooler. time now 5:10. a growing hunger strike to tell you about. if inmates refusing to eat. what changes their demanding. emergency calls from a southwest pilot. good morning, 680 traffic off to a nice start. we will tell you where it will be somewhat tough driving.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's 5:13 and republicans say spending cuts are what is needed to reduce the federal deficit. this week, they will introduce a transportation bill with severe funding cuts for highways and mass transit. ktvu scott mcfar land is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what that could mean for transportation in the bay area. >> it's something big to chew on while you are drying to work. the u.s. house transportation committee is about to make join cuts. hundreds of billions of dollars worth of cuts for the program that funds all of transportation. but the washington post today reports the u.s. house will approve just half that amount. about $250 billion. this concern the government wanted to spend more on transportation it would have to raise the federal gasoline tax
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and that is of course controversial. the chairman of the house transportation committee in a recent interview with us hinted these cuts were coming. >> i think what most people are looking for in our most congested areas sound transportation that doesn't burden the taxpayer on and on. >> reporter: what is at stake locally? the federal transportation budget has funded dozens of local projects in recent years. upgrades to the golden gate bridge t the cold -- bridge, to the caldecott tunnel. but future projects of this size scope and importance are very much in jeopardy. live this morning scott mcfarland. the faa released the tapes of emergency calls from the southwest airlines jet that was forced to land when a hole ripped open in the planes
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cabin. this happened on april 1st. >> southwest 812 is that you? >> declare emergency vehicle we lost the cabin. currently we've got a hole in the back. >> that plane made an emergency landing in yuma, arizona. it was too dangerous to try to go back to phoenix. further inspection found cracks in the plane and at least 79 planes were grounded as a result. the faa now requires airlines to inspect their planes more often. a federal appeals court has temporarily stopped the forced education of jared loughner. the court gave the government until the end of today to show that the drugs are absolutely necessary and likely to make loughner competent to stand trial. loughner is charged in the mass shooting in tucson that killed six people and injured 13 others including congresswoman
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gabrielle giffords. meantime one of congresswoman's giffords aids made in the shooting made an emotional return to work. he will try to work part time. the 65-year-old was shot in the cheek and in his left thigh. he still has only limited feeling in his leg. alameda county may offer new hope to nonenglish speaking voters. the department of justice sued the county failing to train enough speakers to finish as poll workers. the county didn't translate enough ballots in other languages. they have reached a settlement now. it has to be approved by the federal district court. a hunger strike is growing among the prison population. inmates started the protest last friday. they are demanding better food, clothing, and permission to make one phone call a month.
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prison officials say inmates at 11 other california prisons are refusing meals. the department of corrections say it will review the prisoners complaints. at 10:00 this morning facebook will reveal what mark zuckerberg has called an awesome feature. fob will announce a new video chat -- facebook will announce a new video chat with skype. mark zuckerberg has not called pam cook yet but we will know in a couple minutes. 5:18 is the time. time to check in with sal and the traffic. >> things are looking good around the bay area. as a matter of fact, we are looking at some of these pictures. you can see traffic moving along nicely. not a lot of events. uneventful commute.
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we did have a new crash northbound 280 at alpine road in san mateo county. it's not causing any traffic delays so far. paramedic is out there for possible injuries. some minor juice. again northbound 280 at alpine. as we look at 880 that traffic is smooth. if you are driving this morning out to any of the other commutes, san francisco for example a little while ago we saw some fog here. it looks like it's moving out and it's clear here near the 80 split. let's go to steve. it does dance around. some of it is very thick. there is a lot more today than there was yesterday at this time. it's also a little higher. today the betweener day had the 90s yesterday inland. 60s and 70s close to the coast. it's still held in check by a dome of high pressure over us. but there are signs of a relief on the way. some tropical clouds wrapping
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around the high which has produced thunderstorm activity. but a few of those are drifting up. i bring that up in case you know what she's talking about. 66 fairfield. 60s for san jose. ? but 50s elsewhere. a cool 52 in san francisco. west, southwest. what will happen is that system digging in out of the gulf of alaska will inch its way toward the pacific northwest. this time of year it's a slow process. inland areas will still be hot. but the cooling begins for many today with the extensive fog. cooling trend will drop off the table starting tomorrow. but still plenty of low clouds around. cool to mild to warm to hot. an on shore breeze is there.
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cooler for many yet for others it will say what breeze? it's still hot. it's on its way. temperatures today a big spread as much as 40 degrees for some. fog, sun, cooler on thursday and much cooler friday. that goes into your weekend. all the major european stock markets are starting the day with losses that parallels to what happened overnight in asia. hong kong lost 1%. shanghai, new zealand, and indonesia also closed lower. investigators are focusing their attention on europe's debt crisis. checking in on the numbers this morning. pretty quiet as you can see in the u.s.. it looks like we might follow the lead of asia and europe this morning with the futures looking down slightly right now. we will get a better indication as we get closer. glance netflix is looking for a plan to expand.
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they are just shy of 23 million and now et add service 43 counties. time now 5:21. three giants fans got a little too close to the action. how they are doing after a bat that one flew out of the hands of pablo sandoval. incredible video of a rare occurrence in the skies. how this massive dust cloud is formed and the problems it's still causing this morning. and westbound 92 traffic looks pretty good. but visibility may be down in some areas. we will tell you what it's doing to driving.
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good morning, low clouds and fog a little thicker this morning. be careful on highway 1 and the golden gate bridge it's really thick. temperatures anywhere from 60s, 70s, and 80s coast and bay. we want to show you that massive dust storm that swept across arizona. this is called a haboob it's caused when air is forced downward by a thunderstorm. several communities were under a severe thunderstorm watch until late into the night. this morning the faa is still warning of flight delays because of low visibility in
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that area. 5:525. there is a new search for clues to find a killer of a night- time manager of a tgi fridays in san mateo. castillo was killed in 2008. someone who broke into the restaurant as he was closing up. he died from a blow to his head with a blunt object. >> was it definitely a robbery? >> difficult for us to say. the circumstances indicate that there were only two people were there at the time. the suspect and the victim. >> tgif is donating 25% of all proceeds from yesterday to a reward fund that is at $40,000. anyone that has tips can call or text them anonymously. three giants fans are recovering after being injured at last nights game. all three were sitting -- when
5:27 am
sandoval stepped to the plate. he took aswing. lost control of the bat. sending it sailing into the stands. the bat bounced off of the dugout and hit three fans. new audio recordings from the fatal bart shooting in san francisco. >> shots fired. code three ambulance. he had a knife. officer involved shooting. a major milestone for a new 49er stadium in santa clara. the key decisions just approved. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning new. we have made it to the middle of the week already. it's wednesday july 6th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. the middle of the week looks cooler than it did yesterday. let's check with steve. >> that is correct. i wasn't sure i was going to make it to the middle of the week because it was so hot. it will cool down. inland it will take a little while. there is a lot more fog. 60s to 90s. here is sal. on the san mateo bridge traffic is noticeably more
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crowded but not stop and go getting out past the toll plaza. also this mornings commute looks good on the golden gate bridge but it's foggy. let's go back to the desk. new this morning. a new 49er stadium in santa clara is one step closer to becoming reality. ktvu kraig debro joins us from santa clara where key elements of the plan were approved last night. >> reporter: pam, the city council says the santa clara authorities moved last night. it's the next phase to building the billion dollar stadium that will be located across the street from where we are. the stadium authority procollude -- hire sub contractors and $500 million of construction work. they also approved a sports marketing sales agency. legends peopleup sales will
5:32 am
manage the licenses. right now the 49 everies and the -- 49ers and the nfl are in in the middle of a lockout. 49ers have pledged to pay about half the cost of the new $937 million santa clara stadium. it's not a done deal yet. san francisco has not given up on the team. i will try to call some of these people and see how significant this move is. reporting live in santa clara kraig debro. time now 5:32. last night the richmond city council anonymously approved a plan for a municipal id cards. ktvu christian captain is live in richmond now. he's physicalling us more about the reaction to this. it was an issue that really
5:33 am
packed city hall in -- not a lot of activity out here. the city of richmond has moved closer to formerly approving the id cards. it would help the homeless and other fringe members of society. s new plan would allow -- the new plan would allow anyone that has lived in richmond for the last 15-20 days to get an id status. some say it would add stressed to an already cash strapped city. >> the idea of having an id card allows people to have a bank account so that they don't have to be exploited by the check cashing schemes. they become targets of crime because a lot of people understand that they don't have bank accounts they are carrying cash on them.
5:34 am
>> you're talking about thousands of people now joining the lines of thaws of people who need services. who need education services. social services. medical services. >> reporter: as you can hear, there was again that divide. the motion did pass unanimously. the city shot down a similar plan for ids. san francisco hear has an id plan up in. now la that a large grass fire is out. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused it. it burned about 500 acres. fire started at about 5:30. it was fully contained three hours later. no structures were in danger. we are told a car fire may have
5:35 am
sparked the grass fire. 10 people are homeless following a fire in oakland. that damaged several apartments. firefighters with were called to 14th avenue yesterday at about 2:30. no one was hurt. fighters and a good samaritan helped some good samaritans helped rescue some people. ktvu news has attained the radio recordings from the fatal bart shooting in san francisco. >> shots fired. code three ambulance. he had a knife. officer involved shooting. >> about 9:30 sunday night bart police officers responded to reports of an intoxicated man. police say he threatened him with a knife and bottle and later the man was shot and killed. nearby security cameras captured some of what happened. >> it has a partial view of what actually occurred.
5:36 am
what they are trying determine is exactly what that reveals. >> the san francisco's coroner office identified the man of being white between the ages of 30 and 50. the two bart police officers have been placed on administrative leave. oakland police chief will talk about his plan to reorganize the station. the more efficient patrol is needed to deal with the fewer staff. critics say this means crimes like burglaries and they haves would get a lower priority. the search is on for a thief that walked into a san francisco art gallery and walked right out with a picasso. it happened at the weinstein gallery.
5:37 am
he took an original picasso drawing off the wall and left in a taxicab. it's only about the size of a piece of paper but valued at $200,000. >> we have spurt remembers were relaced. the suspect is trike as a dressed white male. investigators have embounded the taxi cab the suck peck house to fete away. effective this friday that is after a whistle lower he spent most of his time tell communitying. california could make history. it would require california
5:38 am
textbook town collude something not mandatory in any other state. the number of dui arrests have jumped this holiday weekend. the number of alcohol related traffic deaths did not change from last year. we'll have more details on all of that coming pup here's the story about the duis. the highway patrol reports 251 people were arrested for drunk driving between friday night midnight of monday morning. that is the same number as last year. all right 5:38 is the time right now. let's go back to sal. any problems? >> we do have a new crash pam and dave that popped up on the screen. northbound 880 near the vicinity of fruitvale avenue. this involving a couple of big rigs and a pickup truck. police are still looking for it. this is the best location we have. they haven't arrived it.
5:39 am
i'm just listen together police here. northbound 880. it's a two-car noninjury accident blocking the slow lane. that is why i paused there. we'll let you know more about this. let's go out and take a look at the commute. 880 north and southbound that is moving nicely. as you pull back you can see traffic on the left couldn't there be slowing there? maybe the crash is there. meanwhile we go to the bay bridge that traffic is light. let's go to steve. thank you, sal we see a lot more fog there. it's lifted a little bit. it was confined right to the coast or right to the golden gate. that was about as far as we made it. there is pocket where is it's thick. we will get out of the way where we can see this. again it's still held in check. high pressure sits on top of it. but it's packing its bags and
5:40 am
starting to move because a system up in the gulf of alaska is head into the pacific northwest. we are on the southern edge of it. it takes its time getting there. tropical clouds coming back around. thunderstorms pops up on the sierra. mainly south of tahoe. 68 livermore. you had 52 in the city. temperatures in the city was anywhere from low 60s to low 70s. just depending on your location. a lot of 60s here. there is a sea breeze in place. double of what it was yesterday. around this time it was southwest at 6-7. it has been up in the 20s. west, southwest at 16. there is a pretty good sign it will cool off inland. this is a big area of high pressure. this points toward moving toward the middle of the country and backing off. today the cooling begins for
5:41 am
many. even with 90s inland. but cooler weather will take us in it looks like we will settle in friday and keep us there. low clouds and fog. on shore breeze cooler for many. not for all. 62 stinson, 90 clear like. petaluma 82. 96 brentwood. 74 now okay land-alameda. 84 san jose. saratoga 83. 84 wood side. city in the. more fog cooler. that will go into friday. the bay area radio preacher who falsely predicted the apocalypse in may is in a nursing home. 89-year-old harold camping is recovering from a stroke he suffered last month.
5:42 am
camping station has been playing repeats of his open forrum program after his stroke. time now 5:41. it was lost in a local wild fire. now there is a settlement over a very important document. the reason the alleged victim in the dominic strauss kahn rape case is suing a major newspaper. not one but a couple of things on the nimitz freeway. working right now in oakland. we will let you know what is coming up. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. good morning, low clouds. a lot more this morning heading over the bay. coast to bay will cool down. fog is moving up the coast.
5:45 am
it will still be warm but there is a sea breeze. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we following for you right now at 5:44. a search continues for the seven missing fishermen. their boat capsized off of the coast of mexico. most of them are from here in the bay area. the u.s. coast guard says the water temperatures are warm that is raising hopes. survivors will be found. san francisco police searching now for a woman she threw bleach in the face of another woman and hit her with a bottle. that attack happened in the prochero hill neighborhood. last night richmond city council voted to approve an id card program for that city. anyone who is has lived in richmond for 15 of the past 30 days will qualify for a card. regardless of their immigration status. the hotel maid in the
5:46 am
dominic strauss kahn sex case is filing a lawsuit against the new york post. the woman's lawyer claims the paper published false information about his client client to sale papers. the newspaper reported that the hotel made also worked as a prostitute. collecting cash on the side for male guests. the post says it stands by its reporting. just about 45 minutes from now the new director of the international monetary fund will hold her first news briefing. yesterday was lou guard's first day on the fund. she was appointed for a five- year term after the resignation of dominic strauss kahn. time now 5:46. the trial of a daly city man who w.h.o. is accused of -- who is accused of dropping his child into a oven is accused of child endangerment and abuse. he was trying to teach his son
5:47 am
the dangers of a hot stove by dangling the little by over the stove. he dropped him on the wrack when the child started squirming. the boy turned on the oven and crawled in backwards. that was shown during the court proceedings yesterday. badly decomposed body that was pulled out of a creek near indianapolis is not that of missing indiana university student lauren spear. that is the conclusion of a coroner report released yesterday. the body was found sunday. the 20-year-old woman has been missing since last month when she was last seen leaving a sports bar after a night out with her friends. california could become the first state to require public schools to include the historical contributions of gays and lesbians in the curriculum. showing the controversy could create a more positive environment for students.
5:48 am
opponents say the measure creates a homo sexual agenda. the governor says he has not decided if he will sign the bill. in southern california three former pta -- the three women clinged to victims they had exclusive rights to sale dairy products at disney land. they promised returns of 100%. detectives believe the women collected about $14 million and returned about $10 million to investigators. almost four dozen atlanta schools cheated on standardized tests. that is according to a newly released report. investigators found teachers either help students or change the answers after the tests had been turned in. some of the teachers admitted to the cheating saying they were under a lot of pressure to raise test scores. the results are being sent to prosecutors. former santa clara county
5:49 am
teacher has been ordered to pay $750,000 for the loss of some valuable papers by albert einstein. the papers were destroyed by the fire in 2007. they belonged to san jose professor who inherited them from his father a close friend of albert einstein. margaret has been charged with starting that fire after illegally burning paper plates in a large metal barrel. time now 5:49. sal is watching all of the bay area roads including 880. >> we have a couple things on 8 8:dave -- on 880 dave and pam. one of them is a little farther down. let's go to the first one. this is 880 you can see here southbound 880 near fifth just before 16th there is a noninjury accident. they are clearing it now from one of the lanes. if you are driving southbound toward the airport out of broadway area you will see slow traffic.
5:50 am
the other one the other crash is northbound 880. now if the guys in the control room will lose that super there. you can see on the left the traffic is stacking up heading up to 29th where there is a noninjury accident involving a couple of big rigs and a pickup truck. fortunately as i medical examinerred no injuries. they are in those lanes. this mornings commute is going to be okay in marin county. southbound 101 looks pretty good from nevada to san rafael. this is the tara linda area of san rafael. you can see the traffic on 101 looks good heading south. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. behave a lot more -- we have a lot more fog than yesterday. same will apply today. there is a lot more low clouds and fog. 62-68 on coast. 58-82. fog sun breezy. that will be more of a west
5:51 am
wind. we are losing the component of the northerly breeze. the westerly breeze is showing stronger direction here. 60-96 though. again the forecast areas very v large. it will take awhile. another two days for some and lake county or ukiah. but there is the fog bank. it's beginning to thicken up a bit. advance of a system that will move up there. where'll clouds rocking band the high. san jose. livermore, concord is in there. 57-59 san rafael. 52 for san francisco. 54 oakland. that is cool. west, southwest at fire feel. strong system for july. that will bring cooler weather for everybody. eventually it takes a day or two to get here. low clouds cool to warm.
5:52 am
80s to 90s inland. clear lake 98. 93 fairfield. 93 concord. danville 93. castro valley 80. there could be a big spread between san jose and gilroy. cupertino at 86. cooler weather for all kicks in tomorrow and then by the weekend it will be in the 80s inland. if you want to get an unlimited data plan from verizon you must get it from midnight tonight. they will have monthly usage caps for data. plans will be between $10-$80 a month for data plans. customers that go over their limit will be charged an additional $10 for gigabyte. right now verizon charges $30 a month for unlimited data. air bees ha z a new owner.
5:53 am
they were sold for $130 million to a private equity firm. and the growing appetite for healthier food by china's middle class is good for california farmers. the prices for nuts have hit record levels in the last 12 months. cashew prices have jumped 60% to more than $4 a pound. china is the biggest market for colorado a montana and parts of nuts are expected to continue. speaking of cuts. how a monkey is a teach -- is teaching the world a lesson. how expanding the oakland zoo may help jolt the local economy.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
the oakland zoo's plan to expand could pump millions of dollars into the local economy. the projects could generate more than $100 million for the city of oakland and the county over the next couple of years. the zoo received final approval for the upgrades last month. the plans include a new veterinary hospital, an overnight camping area, and 20 acres of new exhibits featuring regionally extinct animals like the grizzly bear. this is a great story.
5:57 am
talk about monkey business. a monkey in indonesia. [ laughter ] he stole a photographers camera and snapped very memorable photos of itself. this is one of the pictures showing him smiling. he knows how to pose. that is a nice angle. the photographer says by the time he got his camera back the monkey took hundreds of photos. >> and he knew how to pose too. [ laughter ] that is how we are going to wake you up this morning. time now 5:57. i like seeing sal's face too. he knows all about the commute. >> that is right. we are looking at the commute all over the place. i wanted to mention we have two crashes on 880. one northbound and one southbound. but let's move along and take a look at 280 at the 880 interchange that traffic is moving well. no major problems. also the commute on 680 looks good heading south. if the guys can bring up the map on the control room.
5:58 am
880 north and southbound two separate crashes there. let's go back to dave andpam. the continuing search for seven missing fishermen in new mexico. most of them are from here in the bay area. where rescue divers and search teams will focus the search today. the stunning details from survivors about what it took to stay alive. plus big decisions just hours ago that boosted the chances of a new 49ers stadium in santa clara. a lot more fog. there you go. for those of you puttering around the house. there you go. look at the screen. there is a lot more fog today. we'll have your temps in two minutes.
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